How to make a beard grow?

This question has haunted generations of men for many years. This is a complex process in which many factors come into play. For example, everything from diet to sleep cycles influence facial hair growth. However, at Plantera Men we have a series of tips that answer how to grow a beard .


Use a quality product

As it could not be otherwise, our first advice is to use a high-performance stimulator product . Our Plantera Beard Serum has the five most powerful vasodilators on the market and ten natural extracts . This exclusive formula contributes to hair growth in just 21 days without the dryness associated with other options on the market.

In addition to using our serum , beard care must be done comprehensively , acquiring healthy habits, eliminating harmful routines and focusing on gradual and constant growth. Next we go into details.

Healthy habits

A key to answering how to grow a beard is found in the movements you make every day. That is, actions that frequently positively influence the well-being of the body . They stand out among them:

  • Increase egg intake: This food is rich in biotin (vitamin B8), essential in the growth and strengthening of hair on the body.
  • Consume vegetables and fruits daily : They are an essential source of key vitamins and minerals for adequate nutrition.
  • Eat red meat frequently: Red meat is an excellent source of saturated fats that increase iron and hemoglobin levels in the blood. These substances positively influence the stimulation of follicles
  • Perform physical exercise: Muscle activation and calorie burning promote an increase in testosterone, the key hormone in beard growth. Likewise, it increases melatonin, contributing to healthier and cleaner skin.

Healthy habits are a key to finding answers on how to grow a beard . Without them, the process would be much slower and more complex. By complementing a high-quality product with effective care, you obtain a comprehensive and very effective beard treatment .

Harmful routines

Just as healthy habits should be included that strengthen hair growth, attention should also be paid to routines that do not allow the beard to grow as it should . They stand out among them:

  • Go to bed late: During the sleep cycle the body repairs and strengthens all its systems. If you do not rest adequately, this natural process is interrupted and stagnates.
  • Do not drink water frequently: Water is essential for strengthening the layers of the skin. Dehydration dries out the follicles and consequently they atrophy, preventing hair growth.
  • Not protecting yourself from the sun: It is a case similar to the previous one. Direct contact with the sun dries out the skin and in case of sunstroke it can burn the follicles, thus producing patches with less hair in the beard that are difficult to fill.
  • Do not clean the skin often: if you are looking for answers on how to grow a beard , you cannot neglect personal hygiene. Excess oil on the face easily clogs the pores, favoring ingrown hairs, redness, frequent infections and the appearance of acne.

Complement with the best tools

Finally, our last tip after using products to grow your beard and improve daily routines is to complement it with beard maintenance tools. At Plantera Men we have the Beard Roller , an accessory that increases serum absorption by creating thousands of microscopic channels in the first layer of the skin . Simply massage the area gently two days a week to promote a thicker and thicker beard.