The best products to grow the beard of Plantera Men

The Beard care It is an issue that for many is new and they want to begin to give it importance. At Plantera Men we have been in charge of creating the best Products to grow the beard, Here we tell you more.

3 products that your beard will love

Three steps, three products and three inevitable in your care routines And of Beard growth.

Activator Serum

It's the Star product , Its formula combines 10 natural extracts and 5 of the best vasodilators on the market, including the Minoxidil beard . This serum is designed always thinking of generating a main effect, growing the beard while counteracting side effects such as irritation and dryness.

The scientific development of the product is designed to provide the best to each person, so, Minoxidil is encapsulated in hyaluronic acid Allowing the pores to open, the blood circulation is increased and thus the skin can receive all the components of our serum activator.

Beard Roller

The Dermaroller beard Is part of our Beard grow products , It is the perfect complement of our serum activator, since it has Such small needles that they become the ideal stimulator, Thus helping to penetrate the serum into the skin and thereby activate the follicle successfully.

The facial follicles will be so stimulated that they will be the perfect channel so that there is an equitable and correct distribution of the product in order to generate the desired results.

Keychain comb

Keeping your beard neat and bushy also occurs when you stimulate hair And the combs consistently. You will be able to carry our everywhere Beard brush And so you can organize your beard as you like anywhere and anytime.

Did you like all three Beard grow products ?

We know that your answer is a resounding and capitalized YES, the best of all is that we create An exclusivo kit So everyone can use the three amazing products Of Plantera Men and be able to make your beard grow crazy.

Find it available in our virtual store, discover the magic of the 3 products and start to Apply all techniques of How to take care of the beard.

How to use them?: step by step for the Beard growth

It is not enough to have them but to use them, so keep in mind the step by step of the Beard grow products :

  • Use the derma roller to stimulate the follicle and thereby help the product to be absorbed effectively into the skin, perform gentle movements to avoid irritations. We recommend using it 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Apply our serum to clean skin, maximum 2 atomizations on each side of the face in the area where you want to stimulate hair growth.
  • We recommend using the serum activator 1 to 2 times a day, it is ideal for it to be 30 minutes before sleeping or after bathing in the mornings.
  • The product is not required to be removed, the ideal is not to be exposed to the sun until it is completely absorbed.
  • Use the comb or Beard brush . To give it the shape you like the most.
  • Five important steps and actions that you must bear in mind to put it to excellent use To our Beard grow products . Use them consistently to see the expected results.


    Plantera Men: your favorite brand for care

    Care is everything and we must always keep it in mind, So we invite you to learn more about Plantera Men and discover all about the products we have available.

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